14th September 2014

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Anonymous said: I noticed a femshep gif from January fourth missing. Did you delete it or was it removed by tumblr?

You’ve earned 20 Picarats!

14th September 2014

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Tumblr removed three gifs from my blog because it was too inappropriate (huh), and I don’t know which ones! Can you solve this puzzle?

Ugh, maybe i should post stuff like this somewhere else.

I’m playing too much Professor Layton games lately.

12th September 2014

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jecenifo said: If you didn't like what people voted, why create put those characters in the poll in the first place? Why berate people for choosing something you don't like?

If you look closely, it was anonymous response to the situation, I thought it’s an interesting opinion.

And btw, I’m going to make gif with all of this characters, I just wanted to know, what my followers likes the most.

12th September 2014

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Anonymous said: Oh look - half the people voting on white trash Elsa, another large chunk for Maya (you just did & have covered before) with a minority on something new and original. What a fucking surprise Fugtrup. I bet if you told these same people they could eat contaminated pizza, urinated chocolate, or pristine clafoutis aux prunes they'd go with one of the first two because they don't understand the last one. Pretentious philistines. Animate what's popular rather than what's good. Keep up the great work!

11th September 2014

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Do you like polls? →

I fucking like polls.

7th September 2014

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Anonymous said: Have you played Prince of Persia 2008? It’s great game. ;)

Yeah, great art direction.